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Candidate Placement Services

Impressions Staffing’s customer-first mentality is one of our biggest differentiating factors in an industry plagued by inexperienced cold-callers, commission-based recruiters and a multitude of online job boards that over promise and under deliver. Clients rely on Impressions Staffing as their preferred recruiting agency for all HR, sales, marketing and IT related positions. Through our proven multi-phased strategic approach, clients are sent highly qualified candidates with in-depth experience.

Our founders have first-hand experience hiring and managing performance in previous organizations. In other words, Impressions Staffing recruiters know exactly the problems and hurdles their clients are facing. This background knowledge helps Impressions Staffing recruiters effectively identify top candidates.

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Full Time & Contract Positions

Whether you’re looking to fill a full-time position on your team or need only a temporary staffing solution, Impressions Staffing is here to help. With a database of eager and qualified candidates, Impressions staffing can align the perfect opportunity with the right candidate.

Full Time Positions
With Impressions Staffing, clients significantly reduce the amount of time they spend sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates. Instead, clients can leverage Impressions Staffings’ forty years of recruiting experience and network of contacts. Clients meet only with pre-screened individuals who have already been interviewed by the Impressions Staffing team. After placement, Impressions always follows up with both the client and candidate to ensure satisfaction from both parties.

Contract Positions
Impressions Staffing understands the need for hiring on a contract basis whether it’s for a temporary project or contract to hire. With Impressions Staffing clients can find both short and long term contract staffing solutions that meet their project budget.

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HR, Sales, Marketing and IT Experts

As HR, benefits, sales, marketing and IT experts, the Impressions Staffing team completely understands the critical role these positions play within a client’s organization. With forty years of experience, Impressions Staffing utilizes their in-depth knowledge of each department’s needs and functions in order to properly align an opportunity and candidate.

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Screening Services

Prior to presenting candidates to our client, Impressions Staffing conducts the first interview. In this initial interview any necessary skills tests are administered. Background checks are also conducted when necessary and candidate references are contacted and verified. Candidates who are selected by clients for an interview, will be offered a complimentary professional coaching session in order to align their professional goals with those of the client.

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Why Employers Choose to Work with Impressions Staffing

We've been hiring managers before

Impressions Staffing team members fully understand the challenges their clients face because they were once the hiring managers, growing and hiring within an array of different companies and industries. With this background knowledge and experience, Impressions Staffing recruiters know our client pain-points, addressing each of their needs individually through our multi-phased approach and through the top-notch candidates we place.

Effective. Efficient. Ethical.

Clients can leverage Impressions Staffing’s rolodex of candidates in order to minimize the window between having an open position and filling it. Once initial candidates have been identified, in-depth interviews and screenings conducted by Impressions Staffing ensure that clients eventually meet with only the most well suited candidates. Throughout the entire staffing process, Impressions Staffing takes pride in their commitment to ethical hiring practices.